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Learning Agreement Erasmus Uw

The paper version of the apprenticeship contract is still available. To complete the internship apprenticeship agreement in the form of a PDF form; Download the form, fill it out, and then send an email to siasadv@uw.edu. The Erasmus-ESN UW Ambassador is at your disposal: erasmus.esn.uw@gmail.com offers you can look for here: erasmusintern.org/traineeships or seek help from Mr Dorota Wicek of BWZ (d.wiacek@uw.edu.pl), who has a database of companies in which UW students have already practiced. Students can conclude the SIAS online internal learning agreement by handshake. This allows the student to complete the process of admission to internships electronically. Students should also meet with their faculty leader for an internship to discuss their learning goals. National Agency Erasmus: erasmusplus.org.pl/ under the Erasmus scholarships in the UK, as reported by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE) on the basis of the European Commission press release of 30 January, we inform you that “students from EU countries who live on an Erasmus grant in the UK on 30 March this year are not required to end their stay with a scholarship. Their mobility is governed by existing rules. The same is true for students from British universities who receive an Erasmus scholarship in Densern.

This communication concerns only the mobility of students who will receive an Erasmus scholarship on 30 March this year. This is an ad hoc solution that will be adopted in the event of the UK`s “hard” exit from the EU (i.e. without a deal). It does not apply to mobility, which would begin on or after March 30. For more information, see: europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-19-743_pl.htm orazec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/news/brexit-protecting-learners-ongoing-erasmus-mobility-exchanges_en. That is why we ask you: applicants who have received a formal letter of admission after the application has been submitted and approved. Admitted students can submit their apprenticeship agreements to their home institutions for processing. Information on the later stages of registration/registration is sent by email.

Students in financial difficulty (obtaining a social scholarship). The amount of the one-month grant varies depending on the country of departure and is set by the European Commission in the programme guide. The university`s agreement to extend your stay depends on the state of your mobility capital. I`ll remember that. Permission to extend your stay for the second semester must be requested by the coordinator of your faculty and by the foreign university.