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Natca Faa Agreement

“This agreement was achieved through a collaborative process built on our successful working relationships at all levels of the FAA and NATCA,” said Paul Rinaldi, President of NATCA. “This agreement recognizes the critical role NATCA members play in fulfilling the FAA`s mission that U.S. airspace is the safest and most effective system in the world.” At the time of the reauthorization, after 23 short-term extensions, the parties were already two years into a new three-year contract negotiated in 2009. The new law provides for mandatory mediation and interest rate arbitration in the event that the parties fail to reach an agreement in future contract negotiations and ensure that there are never again unilaterally imposed terms of employment. THE NATCA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reached another important milestone in their cooperation this week. The parties agreed to extend both the collective agreement for several units and the consolidated CBA. The agreements reached […] In 2005/2006, under the Bush administration, NATCA participated in controversial negotiations with the FAA. When the parties failed to agree on a new contract, the FAA decided to follow the process decided by Congress and unilaterally apply new terms of employment. [3] NATCA submitted unfair labour practices claiming that the FAA was negotiating in bad faith.

The General Counsel of the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), a political leader, used his discretion of the Crown to dismiss all charges laid by the NATCA. The United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, reaffirmed its discretion to dismiss these allegations. [4] The next step is for NATCA to send the agreement to its members for ratification. NATCA expects the process to be completed by mid-July. Shortly after President Barack Obama was sworn in, he ordered the parties to return to the table and a fair collective agreement was reached in the short term. Natca then advanced with half a million complaints that reached the arbitration phase during the imposed work rules. This new treaty is the culmination of several years of NATCA`s efforts. In February 2012, NATCA asked Congress to successfully amend Title 49 of the U.S. Code in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (FAA Reauthorization).

With this law, tens of thousands of union members have been re-established within the FAA of fundamental collective rights – rights that are the heart and soul of a union. We negotiated this agreement as part of this legislation. We believe that this new agreement will allow you to continue to draw your attention to the important tasks of maintaining the safety and effectiveness of the SIN. Your skills and professionalism are shown every day, as millions of people rely on us for safe air travel, and we thank you for that. We are proud of this new agreement and are convinced that the early stages of implementation can lead to challenges, but we will work together to ensure the successful implementation of the shale book.