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What Is A Life Partnership Agreement

None of the consequences of a marriage automatically leads when the partners simply marry. Thus, life partners do not automatically have the right to participate in the property of the other during or after the relationship. Life partners are able to use contracts to obtain a level of protection against each other and against third parties. They may, for example, jointly acquire assets or jointly enter into leases, credit contracts, etc., in such cases, the terms of the contract determine the rights, obligations and obligations of each life partner. As a general rule, life partners are co-owners of acquired assets and co-debtors are co-debtors with respect to the commitments made. We strongly recommend that if you are not interested in marriage and are considering living together, enter into a partnership or a life agreement, because without such an agreement, you must prove the existence of a universal partnership between you and your partner, which makes it difficult to prove a universal partnership and will most likely lead to a long partnership. , fierce litigation and high legal costs with no guarantee of success. 2. Your personal belongings have. Explain who introduced what objects into the life partnership (in an appendix) and how these household items will be awarded at the end. The agreement provides for what happens when the relationship ends It is preferable for life partners to settle their rights in the form of a cohabitation agreement. In this agreement, they may, for example, commit to each other, while the relationship lasts, accepts the preservation of the property, regulates the ownership of the property that each of them owned before the beginning of the relationship, agree on property acquired after the beginning of the relationship, agree on the occupation of the common house during the relationship and after the termination of the relationship Etc.

It is advisable to contact a lawyer regarding the development of such an agreement. It is therefore essential to obtain informed legal advice on the options available and to consider the consequences of each option so that your lawyer can carefully prepare the necessary agreement to protect your interests and partners and avoid future uncertainties. A life partnership is similar to the characteristics of marriage and refers to cohabitation outside marriage. We advise you on all facets of life partnership contracts. We are also committed to the development and implementation of such agreements. The patterns of marriage, divorce and cohabitation without marriage had changed for years. The incidence of national partnerships is increasing worldwide and, according to the 1996 census, 1.3 million people reported living with a partner. By the time the population census arrived in 2001, this figure had almost doubled to nearly 2.4 million.

Many people think that if they live together for a while, the relationship will be recognized by the state, and there will be rights, duties and legal protections. But there was no common marriage – because the concept was abolished all over the world. The time a couple spends together does not lead to a default marriage. As a result, in the event of a breakdown in the relationship, any assets or commitments are determined or distributed on the basis of the agreement reached by the parties during their relationship. In the event of death, the agreement does not offer protection to the survivor if there is a state of succession or the absence of an inheritance rule (testament A) in the agreement between the parties.