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Winnipeg Development Agreement

With a full range of planning, development and project management services, Ventura Land Company has the broad and deep experience needed to ensure that Rohland integrates seamlessly into the planning, approval, approval and construction processes. This seasoned and strategic approach is linked to a goal: to build communities with vision. Ventura Land Company has more than 50 years of collective development and management expertise within our development team. We have a proven track record in creating desirable and marketable development opportunities. Thanks in part to our strong relationships with contractors and industrial partners, we are able to facilitate the sale of this land to end-users of residential, commercial and industrial surfaces. Day-to-day management of development-related contractual obligations, including development and sales contracts, maintenance contracts, building permits, site inspections, guarantee management and project communication to stakeholders. Site selection, investment analysis, due diligence, contract negotiations and legal transactions. Strategic land use analysis, constraint analysis, conceptual planning, measurement, conceptual planning, negotiations with government organizations, rezoning, conditional use applications, variance applications, public consultation and project budgeting. Funding, measurement, engineering, contract negotiations, subdivision/authorization applications, public consultation, location service, construction management and contract management. market analysis, marketing plans and initiatives, as well as construction partnerships.

Ventura Land Company also plays a key role in reviewing and evaluating new markets, target areas and due diligence activities on certain grounds for our partnerships and investors.