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Workplace Education Agreement Form

Form 7 can be sent to WSIB in print or electronic form. When requesting printed versions of the form from WSIB, the school principal representative should identify the department as an employer and cite the business number 250379-FJ. Once the form is completed, it must be mailed or faxed to WSIB and copies must be provided to the student and the ministry. An electronic version of Form 7 can be sent to WSIB via the online service section of its website. Note that a printed version of the electronic version and another copy must be sent to the student, either as a fax or as a scanned electronic appendix, to the ministry. If a student needs health treatment due to an injury or illness in the workplace, the WSIB Health Professional report (form 8) must be completed. It is the physician`s responsibility to complete a Form 8 report and forward it to the WSIB. The department must be identified as an employer and the business number 250379-FJ must be included in the report. The use of Form 8 ensures that the WSIB does not register the claim as a request from the ombudsman or school principal. In the event of injury or illness in the workplace requiring medical attention by a physician and/or resulting in job losses, the school principal`s representative must submit the WSIB Employer Injury/Illness Report (Form 7) the WSIB Employer Injury/Illness Report (Form 7). The form must be submitted to the school within three (3) working days following notification of injury or illness and received by the WSIB within seven (7) working days following the student`s report to school.

The school principal representative must also provide a copy of the WEA form when the school principal`s representative reports the WSIB injury or illness. The Form 7 report and a copy of the WEA form are also sent to the ministry and the student. A student who suffers from an injury or illness that suffers injury or illness during the employment or education component of the job or experience component during the placement or experience component must report the injury or illness to the employer and teacher concerned with all the details, including the exact time, location and circumstances in which the illness was sustained. A work-related injury or illness that requires only first aid treatment should not be reported to the WSIB, but a recording of the details must be kept by the school`s management. This memorandum instructs principals and schools on coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA), 1997, for students, including adults who participate in various training programs (also known as experience learning programs) in which the student is considered a worker. These programs include short-term opportunities such as work experience, longer-term opportunities such as co-operative training and practical internships, which may encompass some or all of the individualized programs of some alternative apprenticeship (CSA) students. WSIA coverage agreed through the ministry only applies to the times and data listed on the WEA form. In cases where the student and/or employer wishes to change the hours or dates set out in the WEA form, a supplementary note must be added to the form to ensure that the WSIA coverage required for the student is maintained. The mention must be signed by the teacher, the student, the student`s parents (if the student is under 18 years of age) and the placement counsellor. The signed note is required before the student begins the new schedule at the internship. A request for this information will be sent to headteachers in early September.

This information must be provided before the beginning of November of the same year. Under the WSIA, workers who have suffered workplace injuries or who have contracted an illness are entitled to benefits such as. B compensation for their loss of income and permanent disabilities, as well as for health care and rehabilitation.