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Sobeys Franchise Agreement

Each banner has its own selection process, but all contain multiple interviews with applications, as well as background and credit checks. If you are interested in exploring a franchise option with Sobeys Inc., please email franchise@sobeys.com to submit your cover letter, continue your CV and indicate both your banner and your place of interest. In 2010, Sobeys launched FreshCo, a discount banner. The pilot stores were renamed Southern Ontario as Price Chopper Outlets. [29] FreshCo uses a franchise model and the stores are independent. United Food and Commercial Workers International (Union) and Safeway negotiated a collective agreement lasting between April 1, 2013 and March 31, 2023. The collective agreement contains a re-opening clause for mid-contract negotiations. It also contains an article stating that Sobeys and the Union will enter into negotiations for an appropriate collective agreement for professional activity if Sobeys decides to open stores under a new banner. I am not an expert in legal matters, but I think this case is settled outside with Sobeys who buy the franchisees.

My opinion is based on what Sobeys did five years ago in its dispute with The Ontario IgA franchisees. This case dragged on, but in the end, some unfortunate IGA franchisees were bought out and their stores were either relaunched under another banner or turned into businesses. Other Ontario IGA franchisees have finally agreed to sign new franchise agreements with the Sobeys Foodland banner. Since Sobeys has turned its Chopper price stores into the FreshCo banner, such a buyout makes sense. Sobeys could easily restart stores as FreshCo supermarkets or operate them in a corporate way for a while. The best part is that such a solution would mean that neither Sobeys nor Price Chopper franchisees would be condemned to a debt. The trial would stop. Sobeys hit back, saying Price Chopper`s franchisees knew the terms of their contracts, which were clearly worded when they signed up.

Sobeys strenuously denied any breach of contract and pointed to the large sums of money it had brought to franchisees on the field and the game plan. Sobeys also accused the franchisees of violating the terms of their agreement by using their companies` money to launch the complaint – which their agreement prohibits.