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Swiss Humanitarian Trade Agreement Iran

But while other countries have severed diplomatic relations, Switzerland has always adopted a policy of “talking to all countries,” as former Swiss Foreign Minister Pascale Baeriswyl said last year swissinfo.ch. In addition, Switzerland represents the diplomatic interests of the United States and Saudi Arabia in Iran and Iran in Saudi Arabia and Canada. Home > News > Swiss say the humanitarian trading channel to Iran is operational. A humanitarian aid channel that allows Swiss-based companies to send medicines and other essential goods to Iran, even though U.S. sanctions have come into force. “Unfortunately, there have been delays due to Covid-19,” he said in an email sent to swissinfo.ch on July 13. “Interested companies, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, found themselves facing other priorities overnight. However, we would also like to point out that a number of companies have already been authorized and that the first transactions are expected to be made shortly. WASHINGTON – Today, the governments of the United States and Switzerland have finally concluded the terms of the Swiss Humanitarian Trade Agreement (SHTA), which is now fully operational.

SHTA will continue to facilitate the flow of humanitarian goods to the Iranian people while protecting the Iranian regime`s diversion of humanitarian trade for malicious purposes. SHTA is the first operational channel set up under the framework announced by the State Department and Treasury in October 2019 to facilitate humanitarian exchanges with Iran. The first successful transactions were completed at the end of January 2020 to demonstrate the viability and effectiveness of SHTA. The Joint Comprehensive Action Plan – JCPOA, an agreement signed in 2015 by seven parties, including the United States, was to clean up economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for a reduction in Iran`s nuclear capabilities. Sanctions facilitation included access to humanitarian products such as basic agricultural products, food, medical care and pharmaceuticals. The provisions of this product have not been sanctioned under certain conditions since the JCPOA came into force. Bern, 27.02.2020 – The Swiss Humanitarian Trade Agreement (SHTA), a payment mechanism for the provision of humanitarian goods to Iran, came into force on 27 February. SHTA was developed by Switzerland in close collaboration with the relevant authorities in the United States and Iran, as well as with selected Swiss banks and companies.