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Rental Agreement Cancellation Policy

CONDITION OF THE PREMISES: Upon arrival, guests must examine the premises, all furniture, furniture, equipment, equipment and landscaping (if they exist) and inform immediately in writing if they are not in service or in disrepair. The notification of repairs does not give the customer the right to terminate the agreement or obtain a refund for the payments made. Look around you in the rental. If there are any doubts or problems with your rented property, please contact our office immediately (leave a message if there is no response). No refund or consideration is given unless we have been informed of the problems during your stay. Service Fees for Third Party Booking Sites: Some third-party booking sites (e.g.B. HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, etc.) assist in the coordination of Funtierland and the customer and may collect booking or service fees as part of a booking process. Booking or service fees paid by customers to third party booking sites are not covered by this Agreement and Funtierland is not responsible for the collection or refund of such fees or the services provided for such fees. Third-party booking sites are not a part of this agreement, even if the customer pays the rental amount through a third-party booking page. – Cancellations of 30 days or more prior to booking will be refunded in full. However, a cancellation fee of USD 50 is charged. The undersigned customer has read and understood the terms of this agreement and accepts the above conditions: Signature:_ All other residents are family members, friends, other responsible adults over the minimum age or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

You agree to be solely responsible for your actions and the actions of all members of your family, guests and guest persons (together “Residents”) who stay in the Accommodation during your stay and to ensure that all Residents understand and comply with the Terms. SURETY PROTECTION: VROSB uses a surety plan (insurance). The deposit protection offered by VROSB covers unintentional damage inside the rental unit that occurs during your stay, provided that it is communicated to the management before departure.. . . .