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Riyadh Agreement 2019 Pdf

1. The police forces of Aden governorate are responsible for securing the government, while they reorganize government forces and Transitional Council formations according to needs and security plan, select their elements according to their skills and professionalism and work on their training and are linked to the head of security of the governorate and numbered as security forces of the Ministry of Interior. within thirty days of the signature of this Agreement. The four-page agreement cites the common goal of defeating the Houthi rebels, and then establishes a series of general mandates that give each party the legitimacy it aspires to. For the Hadi government, the document states that all military and security forces, including those allied to the STC, should be integrated by the Ministry of Defense. This is a victory for President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, who has demanded that the STC explicitly recognize its role as the leader of Yemen`s only internationally legitimate government. 2. The assembly and transport of medium and heavy weapons of various types of all Aden military and security forces within fifteen days of the date of signature of this Agreement to camps in Aden identified and controlled by the leaders of the Coalition in Support of Legitimacy, and the withdrawal of such weapons shall be permitted only on the basis of approved plans and under the direct supervision of the leadership of coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen is allowed….