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Select All Agreements To Be Deleted

Log rows can be copied using the Copy Rows button or copied and reworked via a dialog box with the Copy and Review button. The Delete Log button removes all entries added to the Journal. The Select All Agreements to Delete button allows the user to specify which log entries should be deleted and therefore no longer be used. Once all the items have been marked for deletion, they can be recovered using the Restore Rows button. If I understand correctly what you want to do, create a new price/discount agreement journal. In the “Rows”, use the “Select” button to put in the Journal the trade agreements you want to delete. If the trade agreements that you do not want to delete have been included in the Journal, remove them with Alt+F9. Tap on `Select all chords for…` to select these rows to delete them. Publish the Journal. If this works, will entry into the Line discount group be eliminated in an offer/order? That`s my real goal here – to eliminate the mass of old trade deals that representatives have to filter to find what they need. Is there a better way to achieve this? In this example, you update the price for a particular customer, which means that you must select the table. If you are updating the list price of the product, select “All” so that the new price is valid for all customers.

If you distinguish prices between different customer segments, select Group. To select group, you must have created customer groups. Remove dependent price/discount journal positions and try again. I understand the procedure for abolishing the old trade agreements. My question is: is there a negative impact on history if we remove the old line discount contracts? We insert AX customer order information into our BI tool for management reporting. If I remove old discount agreements, do old customer orders still reflect the exact discount and the name of the online discount group? Put it in the log, mark it as deleted, and then post it – this deletes it. You can also customize instead of creating a new one, just look at the Journal more. Sorry, I may not have been clear, but to remove trade agreements, use the “Select Delete All” button, as Martin pointed out…