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Standard Literary Agency Agreement

First, make sure that the agent you are considering is the best dealmaker for you and your literary work. Conduct independent research on the agent and agency. Look for answers to a few difficult questions. Once you`re sure the agent is right for you, make an informed decision about what they want to negotiate in the agency contract before signing. The representatives and sponsors agree that this agreement contains the entire agreement between them. and may only be amended or supplemented by a letter signed by both parties. An agent may want to represent only a client`s new work, all of the client`s work, or only any work that the client writes over a certain period of time. But there are a large number of other rights that are included in the performance agreement and, ultimately, in any publishing contract. Would you like to know more about negotiating your literary agency contract? Watch our article: Negotiation Tips for Authors. Contractual clauses for example for literary agents are listed below – all the clauses you can expect in your literary agent agreement. This article is part of an 8-part series titled Tips for Hiring a Literary Agent.

If you don`t have any literary agencies that offer you a performance yet and want to change that, click here to read my guide on getting a literary agent. Many agency clauses (and agreements) state that there is an agency “coupled with an interest”. This sentence should be deleted, because if the Agency`s relationship is really an “agency associated with an interest”, then the relationship would be irrevocable. . . .